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Video newsletters are one of the most profitable marketing tools, you can have. You have the perfect excuse to connect with your prospects and clients, at least once a month.


Once your video newsletters have been added, all you have to do, is register new subscribers. Your whole focus can generating high quality leads.


Once you have your video newsletters produced. The next thing is to upload them and schedule their distribution. Your video newsletters will be automatically sent out once a week.

Rinse & Repeat for Profits

By design, video newsletters are "evergreen." Meaning, the information is always relevant. All new subscribers, receive your first video newsletter and progress to the last.

About Your

One of the most powerful and profitable marketing tools, you can have, is a video newsletter. It’s a very non-threatening way to introduce yourself, establish your credibility and create trust, between you and your prospects and clients.

Video newsletters, are very quick “talking points.” Usually lasting no longer than five minutes.

They work, because they are quickly and easily consumed by your subscribers. They get what they want, valuable information, while you get what you want, someone to spend money with you.

Our recommendation, is for you to produce 52 video newsletters, over two weekends. This will give you a one year supply of marketing content. All you have to do is:

1. Drive traffic to your registration page
2. Have visitors register for the free newsletter
3. Upload the videos to the website we create for you
4. Set up your email or sms, to notifiy, subscribers when a new video newsletter is available.
5. Discreetly place ads on your video newsletter page

Using video newsletter, you guarantee yourself, being “top of the mind,” when your leads or clients, need you the most.

And you provide them, with something, they can refer to their family and friends, which generates even more powerful leads for you.

Grow Your Profits

Choose your perfect plan

Start Small & Upgrade As You Grow


Per month

  • Pro Website
  • Video Hosting
  • 12 Video Newsletters
  • 99 Subscribers
  • Support


Per month

  • Pro Website Design
  • Pro Website
  • Pro Video Hosting
  • 24 Video Newsletters
  • Max 500 Subscribers
  • Support
  • Automatic Backup


Per month

  • Pro Website Design
  • Pro Website
  • Pro Video Hosting
  • 52 Video Newsletters
  • Unltd Subscribers
  • Support
  • Automatic Backup

Frequently asked questions

You will receive everything you need; server, setup, cpanel, image optimization, configured plugins, and emails  We take care of the infrastructure, so you won’t have to.

We will provide you with a professional website design. Your website will be created on our server, so we can maintain it and quickly address any problems. This will include licensed royalty-free graphics. You will have up to 10 pages included, including general disclaimers and GDPR. All you have to add, is your content and you’re ready to go.

As far as the site, is concerned, we will build the infrastructure for you. All you have to do is add the videos and any ads or links you may want. We’ll include some sample ideas. You choose whether they’re right for you or not.

Depending upon your plan, you’ll have 12-52 pages, setup for you, for your video newsletters. You’ll have a landing page, which doubles as your registration page, a thank you page and a confirmation page.

We’ll link your mailchip email system to your website, so all you have to do, is set it up and forget it.

Each subscriber, will start with your first video newsletter. Then they’ll progress to the last one. This ensures everyone receives the same information, you want them to have.

In this way, you’re focused on building credibility and trust.

To be honest, when you’re first getting started, you probably won’t need more than 99. That’s an attainable number. Psychologically, it’s realistic. Originally, we only had one plan, the $99/mo, flat fee plan. Few people, needed all of those features, at the beginning. So, we developed a system, you can grow your business and upgrade as you needed. Depending upon your offer, 99 may be all you need.  Remember, you can always upgrade as your business becomes more profitable.

This is the number of videos, we’ll store, for you on our super fast enterprise video servers. The only thing which slows down, these “bad boys” is the speed of your Internet connection.

With the basic plan you’ll be able to upload 12 videos, which is the equivalent to three months. Then there’s 24 videos, which is six months. And, with the 52 video plan, which is the most economical plan, this is one years worth of video newsletters.

Plug and play. Set and forget.

As with all of our platforms, your video newsletter platform, will be hosted on our super fast enterprise servers. We can then quickly provide support, updates and fixes as we need to.

You’ll upload your videos to our server. We will do our magic, to compress the videos and create all the programming required to ensure they play perfectly.

We’ll then send you the links, so you can add them to your website.

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