Depending upon your plan, a consultation is where we start. Understanding your requirements and end results.


Depending upon your requirements and your plan, it will take between 30 to 90 days to craft your scripts for you.


Once we understand what your requirements are, we delve into your expectations. How do you see envision your message?


Once you have your scripts, you are provided with up to three simple revisions, to get your message, just right.

About Our
Script Writing Services

Script writing, is a lot more complicated than most people, might believe it is. There’s more to it, than just writing down some words, to describe what you’re teaching.

You have to understand the psychology of your market. What do they want? Why do they want it? How do they learn best? What words excite them? What do you do to engage them?

How do you get them to agree with you? How do you speak with unquestioned authority? How do you manage expectations?

However, it’s important, for you to realize that the script, doesn’t stand alone. No matter how good the script, it’s up to the presenter to present the message, with authority and passion.

Your script is one part of a whole. Your website, your believability, your graphics, video and audio editing, your body language, all play an important role. It’s important to be able to move your audience to action and get them excited about the topic. Capture their imagination. Get them to want to solve their problems.

Grow Your Profits

Choose your perfect plan

Start Small & Upgrade As You Grow


  • Three Website Videos
  • Three Simple Revisions
  • Follow Up Support


  • One Hour Consultation
  • Craft One Hour Webinar
  • Three Simple Revisions
  • Follow Up Support


  • Three 1hr Consultations
  • Craft One Hour Webinar
  • Craft Three Website Videos
  • Email/Chatbox Sequence
  • Three Simple Revisions
  • Follow Up Support

Frequently asked questions

You will receive three video scripts. The first is the landing page video script. The second is the Thank you page video script. And the Exit video, for those leaving your site, without taking action.

We define a “simple revision,” as making a few corrections, in order to avoid awkward wording, or words you normally use. The only way you will know if a script works for you, is to rehearse it. Mark, where you believe the problems are and then let us know. We’re more than happy to make the script better, for you. However, re-writes, require additional payment and fees. We’re not responsible if you change your mind and want to change the script or the message.

Follow Up is something we believe is critical to your success. We’re not about grabbing your money and running. We’re about, trying to ensure your success and profitability.

We treat, any and all work, we do for you, as if it were our own. How would we do this, for ourselves?

In a way, we’re doing this for ourselves. To ensure our own profitability and continued success. If you’re successful, then you’ll stick with us and refer others.

With “Follow Up,” you have an opportunity to ask additional questions. Things which you may not have thought to ask before. Or, perhaps things, which have come up, due to new information, you have, which you didn’t before.

Naturally, we can’t provide unlimited follow up. No one can. However, we do provide you with the opportunity to ask five additional questions, in regards to your project, once we’ve turned it over to you.

We find, most people, only have two to three additional questions. But we wanted to make sure, if you had more, you were covered.

Your questions might be on things such as how to modify a webpage, formatting of a video, integrating other apps or sms, or questions on security.

Keep in mind, your “Follow Up,” is not a consultation. They are questions, which are specific to your project.

At Talk Business Network, we want all of our clients to succeed. Clients, such as yourself, may be the authority and expert, in your chosen field. However, we understand, you may not have the specialized knowledge, needed, to implment the way you want to connect with your audience.

Many of our clients, like the idea of using videos, video newsletters and webinars but they don’t understand, what it takes to create them.

They may have the equipment, but not the understanding of how to use the equipment for maximized results.

They may have the mistaken belief, their recordings, must be “perfect.” Without realizing perfection may actually hurt their sales.

They may not fully understand the psychology behind how to present information, why things are said in a certain way and when to say certain things.

Or perhaps, they only have an understanding of certain pieces of the puzzle and not others.

The primary difference between our services and what others offer, is we produce our own website videos, video newsletters, webinars and even video ads. We do this on a daily basis.

These services, are what we use. We know how they work, because we use them.

We know, how to edit video and audio or create studio sets, write scripts, because this is what we’ve been doing for ourselves and our clients for more than eight years.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience in marketing, sales, writing copy, sales funnels, business and professional speaking.

This is what we have to bring to the table, when we consult with you.

And, when we meet, there’s usually two of us, not just one, to ensure, we provide you with the very best answers, possible.

You’re consultation will be recorded, so you can review it later.

Once you have a visitor, you want to be able to interact, engage and follow up with them. These three things, help to improve your opportunity to convert them into a sale or if a sale was made, then retain them for longer.

The biggest complaint people have is they believe today’s businesses, grab their money and run. That today’s businesses don’t care about the consumer, only about the profits.

Using email, chatbox or sms sequences, help to remove “buyers remorse.” They improve, how your market perceives you. They see you not only as an authority but also as a business who actually cares more about them, than their profits.

Each email, chatbox or sms sequence, is very short and to the point. However, each is designed to psychologically make your market, believe you care about them. Provide them with a feeling of having real interaction with you. You’re someone, who they can rely upon. Someone they trust.

Each sequence is only seven units. You can always add more. But the first seven units set the stage for any additional units you may add later. And these sequences help to set your market up, for buying more services or products, in the future.

A lot really depends upon your expectations and how clear your vision is.

Website video scripts and sequences usually take about 2-3 weeks. Webinar scripts take about 30-90 days.

Then, any revisions, you may want to make, to capture more of your “voice” and personality.

One of the primary reasons for a consultation, is about listening to your speech patterns, capturing your personality, how you think, words you use, how you enunciate your words and your breathing patterns.

This is something, which a simple form, can not provide us.

Each script is custom created to encapsulate your vision and convey your message in a way, your audience, will hear your message.


Script Writing is by appointment only. Please check for availability. Contact Us

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