Create Your FUNNEL

The first thing, you want to decide, is what is your "end result?" Ideally, what do you really want to happen, once your visitors arrive at your site?

Why Do They Want It?

Third, why do they want, your solution? Why do they need it, today? What is motivating them to purchase, the minute they get to your site? What is their primary motivation, for buying what you're offering?

Who Is Your Market?

The second thing, you want to decide, is who is your market? Ideally who wants what you have to offer? What are the demographics?

Shut Up!

Rude comment, but the reason most people don't have the sales conversion they expect, is because they talked the prospect out of buying. If they're at your website, they want what you have.

About Your

Sales & Marketing Funnels are perhaps the easist things you’ll ever screw up. The primary problem, is most people want to make it more complex than it is or they have too high expectations of what it can do.

The purpose of a funnel, is start big and work to smaller. At each step, you want to have your visitors qualify themselves.

In other words, you want to eliminate those, who are not serious, about being a client of yours. Which means, you can be more profitable, by providing for the needs, of only those who are qualified.

Smaller market, translates into much higher profit margins.

Ex: With our business model, we don’t seek thousands of clients, to send us a few dollars. Instead, with as little as 100 clients, each paying $1200/mo, this makes for a pretty nice monthly income.

Because we only have a very small group, we can customize our webinars, specifically for them and address their unique issues. Which in turn, creates more loyalty and long-term relationships with our clients.

Having funnels, helps you to focus on those who are ready to take action. No more wasted time, energy or resources on those who may be only one time buyers. Instead, you can focus on those who will be high value “forever” buyers.

Remember, the point of a funnel, is to get rid of those who don’t qualify for your services or product. Let them quickly eliminate themselves, so you can focus on those who will produce the most NET profit.


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Frequently asked questions

The short answer, is that it’s a way for your visitors to qualify themselves, for what you have to offer. At each level, in the funnel, they decide if your offer is of value to them, or not? Do they really want the solution?

The funny thing about people, although they may have an urgent need for a solution, many don’t really want the solution. They prefer, having the problem. They’re afraid, of success and as long as they have the problem, they can blame it, for their not experiencing success.

You don’t want, people, you have to drag in kicking and screaming to buy your solution. Either they want it or they don’t. But it’s their decision. Your job, is to not talk them out of buying.

The first thing, you receive, is up to a one hour video conference consultation. We will go into detail as to your expectations, who your market is, their demographics, your solution and why your market wants your solution.

Next, we create a visual sales/marketing funnel for you, to implement. Think of this as a blueprint for you to use, to create a mental picture of how you’ll be guiding your market, through your funnel.

We will then, have another one hour video conference to review, the sales/marketing funnel and answer any questions you may have. After this, all you have to do, is implement the funnel.

Your funnel, is a starting place. As you have visitors, you’ll find areas where you can tweak things. You want to always be testing everything, in your funnels, to receive maximum results and profits.

Levels, refers to how deep your sales funnel will be. Most are one level deep. They have a primary sales offer and perhaps two subsequent “downsales,” or “upsales”. This would count as one level.

However, a business can get much more complicated than this, three levels would be for someone, who may have a primary offer, such as a webinar, then a secondary offer, such as a consultation and a third, such as trainer.

Many of our own funnels, are up to 12 levels deep. We have our primary webinar and then we have up to 11 more webinar programs which are closely aligned to the first. Each seamlessly complimenting the other.

Most people, only use one level.

To be honest, we earn enough, through our own webinars, we don’t need to go overboard in charging for some services.

Our fees, are often less expensive than others, because our services, are not our primary source of income. We remember, how difficult it is to get started and we want to help others to get started in their own business.

Some services, are more time, labor and resource intensive than others. For example, writing a webinar script, is more time intensive than creating a website. And we charge accordingly.

Our services, are mostly about sharing our own resources. We have them, and if they’re not in use, at the moment, why not share them with others who need them?

When you start selling your webinars for $499 per attendee, you’ll understand, how seriously profitable, this business is. And when you place it on “auto pilot,” you’ll be shocked at how easy running a six and seven figure can be.

We are 100% self-taught. When we were starting, there wasn’t really anyone, who could tell us how to put things together. Now, we’re offering our experience to you.

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