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Lauren Remington

Lauren Remington


CEO & Co-Founder of the Talk Business Network. Professional speaker, webinar host and certified coach. Coming from corporate America where’s she’s worked at top Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 corporations.
Leonard Manion

Leonard Manion


CFO & C0-Founder of the Talk Business Network. Retired Corporate Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Ghost Writer, Residential Development Trainer, Creative Consultant for “The Box” (pilot) Amazon Premiere and Writer & Producer of Webinars for TBN.  LEARN MORE…

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say...

" Leonard is a Master of Hope and Inspiration and support for all souls that need unexpected Kindness and Creativity to fulfill their DESTINY takes a TEAM to Fulfill your Dreams ... to the Highest Level... My definition of TEAM is T-together E-everyone A-achieves M-more Leonard is a GREAT TEAM Member to help you WIN the GAME of LIFE and leave a Legacy of a what you do."
Michael Savage
Award Winning Actor - Filmmaker - Screenwriter
"When you meet Leonard you know two things immediately; he knows his stuff and he gets things done. Add a terrific sense of humor and a generous spirit and you have the makings of a savvy entrepreneur that is concerned about people not just a product. If you're lucky enough to be on Leonard's radar, you are lucky indeed!"
"Leonard's right, you're only as good, as your next gig. If you're not in the public eye, you're starting from square one, no matter what shows or how many shows you've been in. It's all about, appearances. The appearance, that you're in high demand. If you're serious about working, he will teach you things, no one else will, about acting."
"Our relationship began with developers' education . My e-book, "Residential Development Made Easy" and Leonard's genius for creating a development team to ensure clients' project profitability. Together we help my readers throughout the US & Canada + 82 countries better understand the development & construction industries."
C olm Dil lon
Author & Real Estate Development Coach - Developed over $1.2 Billion in Construction
"It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to spend some time with Leonard and be blown away by the volume of ideas and advice he was able to give in one meeting. I am incredibly grateful to two incredible business owners in Leonard's group who have been so helpful and supportive. If you judge the quality of a man by the company he keeps then Leonard Manion has to be judged as a man who inspires people to make an impact. I have no hesitation in recommending Leonard Manion."

Choose the perfect option

Option 1: $5000
Attend Workshop

Enjoy a four hour of information packed workshop. You will have up to 40% of your book written, before you leave. The rest, by the end of 30 days. And, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation, to join other participants, on our private social media platform. Ensuring no distractions, to get between you and writing your book.

Option 2: $3000
Sponsor This Event

Do you target high end businesses owners and professionals? People who are willing to invest in themselves? Who value quality and are willing to pay for what they want? Then you’ll want to sponsor our events.

You can sponsor our events, either with product, service or cash. You choose, which is the most advantageous for you. Not only will you be sponsoring the workshop, but you’ll also have your offer placed, on our private social media platform, for up to six months. Remember, each of our highly targeted participants, invest up to $5000 each, to attend our workshops. Curious? Then contact us immediately, before all openings are spoken for.


Option 3: $1500
Co-Author / Rights
to Book

Becoming an author, is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and self-discipline. Few can do it. Few will do it. This is what makes you a celebrity, when you write your own book. And as co-authors of Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) will tell you, sometimes you need a little help.

"You will learn more from your failures and mistakes than you'll ever learn from your successes" ©

-Leonard Manion

Years ago, I had a student, who doubted her ability and qualifications, to teach what she knew. Because she didn’t have a degree in relationships, she questioned her qualifications, to help someone else. After all, she had been a failure, when it came to relationships.

I asked her, “Are you a failure in relationships, now?” Her response, was “No.” “Then your failures, in relationships, makes you uniquely qualified to help someone, because you learned how to have a healthy one.”

It’s easy to doubt ourselves. Question, whether we’re really good enough. And we talk ourselves into not doing something, we know, we really want to do. You know you really want to write a book. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Don’t think. Do!

What Past Clients Have to Say...


Most frequent questions and answers

Not everyone needs the same information. Some, already have their book written and only need to know how to publish. Others, have their book written and know how to publish it, but not how to use it, as a lead generating tool.

We don’t want you to have to pay, for something you don’t need. And, it doesn’t make sense, to teach you, how to publish or market your book, until you’ve written it.

Instead, we opted, to provide you, with only the information you needed, without inundating you, with more than you need, to accomplish your goals.

This is why we’ve broken down our workshop series, into three standalone workshops, per series.

We will be conducting, a total of six workshop series. Each of them, will have three separate, standalone workshops.

1. Write 40% of Your Book in Four Hours & The Rest In 30 Days or Less
2. How to Promote Your Business & Get Paid to Speak Before Groups
3. How to Produce 52 Video Newsletters in Two Weekends Which Will Produce Endless High Quality Leads
4. How to Get Paid Producing Highly Profitable Webinars
5. How to Conduct Your Own Highly Profitable Workshops – Replace Your Income & Only Work One Day Per Week
6. Training Other Professionals to Build Their Business & Grow Their Profits – Retiring to be a Highly Paid Corporate Trainer

That’s a very good question. Each workshop, in a series, is $5000. You’ll have an opportunity, to register for a one-time-offer to attend all three workshops in a series, at a discount.

That’s an excellent question. We try to keep our workshops, very small and intimate. We want to be able to work with each person, to ensure their success.

How many participants, will be in each workshop, depends upon how many, register. However, we’re hoping to keep each workshop to around 10. Preferably five people.

As mentioned previously, we’re seeking small intimate groups, to work with. Our intent, is to have the workshops at different restaurants, throughout Springfield.

After, each workshop, all participants, will be invited to enjoy a dinner with us, with our compliments. This will give you an opportunity to receive valuable answers, to ensure your success.

Each workshop, lasts between 3-4 highly concentrated hours. After which, everyone is invited to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with us.

The average time of a meal is about an hour. Providing everyone an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers.

Workshops, are conducted on Sunday, three times a month. All workshops, will be at the restaurant, where we will be having our meals catered.

Leonard, who is one of the trainers, discovered, when he was a corporate speaker, that after a speaking engagement, people still had questions. Unlike other speakers, he didn’t disappear when he was done. Instead, he stayed to answer their questions.

Invariably, everyone ended going across the street to a restaurant, to have a meal and continue to ask questions on the topic.

He discovered, this is where the real work happens. Not on stage, or in a classroom setting, but over a meal, when people can relax.

Custom Workshops are by appointment only. Please check for availability. Contact Us

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