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Webinar Script Evaluation

Writing a webinar script is a very specialized skill. The first thing you have to decide upon, is what result do you want your webinar to have? In other words, what's the next step your attendee is going to take after attending your webinar?

Then in what format do you want to present webinar to your attendees? Formats can include, but are not limited to: PowerPoint Presentation Talking Head, Interview, Newscast, etc...

You'll also want to include your skillset level, before you begin to write and the level of experience your market has, with your topic.

These, and many others, are points we look at when evaluating your webinar script for you.

We carefully evaluate how you introduce your topic, the points you make, clarity, consistency, are you managing expectations, enjoyment in presentation, does it solve the attendees problem, as well as points of how you end your webinar.

It's important to understand we are not checking for grammar, syntax or punctuation. We are evaluating the the flow of your story. Looking for places where you may unintentionally invite your audience to not follow through. We also will make recommendations on how you can improve your script.

We realize, you may believe that you don't need your webinar script evaluated. After all, how hard can it be, right?

And we realize, you may believe this is an unnecessary experience. Especially when you're on a very tight budget, we get that, too.

However one thing to keep in mind, is how much is it going to cost you in time, energy and resources to produce a webinar, only for it not to produce the results you expect and deserve?

Your webinar script is an important piece of the puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle must be pulling it's own weight, your Webinar Infrastructure, Website, Script, Studio Set, Music Beds, Email Sequences, Push Notification and Promotion must all be working in sync with each other. If not, then you end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money on something which won't work.

It's your choice, which one will you make?

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Webinar Script Creation

This is one of our high demand services. We don't get very many openings to take on outside projects. However, please feel free to apply. Like all businesses, we occassionally have our slow times of the year.

Our primary goal, is for you to be successful and profitable. The more successful and profitable you are, the more successful and profitable we are.

Talk Business Network, creates and produces it's own webinars and custom programming for various industries. We have quite a bit of experience in writing result producing webinar scripts. We also write video newsletter scripts, product launch scripts, pre-sales videos, sales phone scripts and a variety of other scripts.

As you might guess, this is a highly specialized area. In the old days, we could easily command $20,000 plus a percentage of sales, for written sales letters. We still write sales phone scripts and charge $5000 for them. A seven email sequence will run around $1500.

You see, there's much more to it than just putting down your ideas. It's also important not only to have a command of the language, an understanding of psychological triggers, a mastery of storytelling, but also to understand how to give "commands" to ensure people respond to your offer.

This service, should only be considered by those who are serious about investing in their business and who want to command $1000 plus, per attendee, for their webinars. If you're just getting your feet wet, then this service, is probably not for you.

If you're new, then the best service for you, would be the evaluation service we offer above. You'll learn a lot, without investing a lot.

For those who are serious and ready to take their business to the next level, then please click on the link below. We will schedule two appointments with you. The first, is a general consultation to ensure we can assist you. The second is for a one our consultation, upon payment, to get all the information from you, we will need to create your script for you.

On the average it will take about two weeks to create a draft of the webinar script, send it to you for comments and then finalize it.

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