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Good for You! You've Produced Your First Webinar....Now What?

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Promoting Your Webinar

We realize at this point, you can't imagine being able to produce a webinar within 45 days. It seems like you've spent years getting this far. Now, your first webinar is in the "Can", now what?

Believe it or not, this is the fun part.

No seriously!

Take a moment and imagine this. You have a great webinar. You have a market who would easily pay you $399 to attend your webinar. Doesn't sound like much, does it?

But let's put some quick numbers together. Let's say, through your promotion efforts, you're able to sell 10 tickets to your webinar, in a month. This means you would earn $3990 for the month, right?

For many people, that's a replacement income, right there. But you want more than to replace your income, don't you? You want to make some serious money, right?

Let's say for you serious money means $7980/mo. That means you want to sell 20 tickets, per month at $399/each.

Do you realize, that's only one ticket, per work day?

Isn't that enough to motivate you to get out of bed and spend an hour, every morning promoting your webinar?

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Evergreen Webinars

It is very exciting, but there's one mistake almost every new webinar host makes. Can you guess what it is?

After investing a lot of time, money, resources and energy in producing their webinar...they don't promote it.

Or don't promote it properly, because they don't know how.

The second mistake, is they believe, since the first webinar didn't make money, they should produce another webinar. They then invest another 45 days, to produce another webinar. More time, money, resources and energy, wasted!

The problem, probably had nothing to do with your first webinar. It had to do with not having the marketing tools you need to prmote it.

Marketing tools are expensive. Advertising is expensive. Hiring someone to market or advertise for you, is EXPENSIVE!

This means, it's important for you to find some way to gain access to the marketing tools you need, to promote your webinars.

You can waste a small fortune on marketing tools. Never really knowing which ones will work for you. A five thousand dollar budget for marketing and advertising can quickly disappear, while you're trying to figure out which marketing tools work and which ones don't.

This alone will take you another 45 days, then of course, you have to learn the new software and by the time you get around to promoting your business, you're either broke or too tired to care.

FaceBook Marketing

We have several Facebook Marketing tools. Each one does something different and will help you to define your demographics, discover where they are and easily connect with them.

Getting seen, is the easy part, the harder part is getting them to click on your links and then register. This takes time to master.

Although we're happy to do your marketing for you, I strongly recommend you do it yourself. It's important for you to master promoting your webinars. If you don't know how to promote your webinars then all your time, money, resources and energy are wasted producing more webinars which people don't attend.

Evergreen Webinars II

You thought I forgot about this, didn't you?

Earlier, I mentioned one of the fatal mistales new webinar hosts make is when one webinar doesn't make them money, they go and produce another. This is a MISTAKE!

No matter how bad your first webinar is, we would highly recommend you promote it. In fact, the worse it may be, the harder you should promote it. Because believe it or not, there's always a market out there who will like it.

The benefit to you, is master, how to promote your webinars. This is a good learning experience for you. It will have a dramatic impact upon your future success and profitability.

What's with this "evergreen stuff, anyway", right?

Why waste a lot of time and money producing one webinar after the other. Especially, when you're new?

Instead, produce one webinar and promote it, month after month, after month. Promote it until it's making money.

Listen to the feedback you get. Pay attention and carefully study your analytics Keep improving the way you promote it. Because if you can turn a "dog" of a webinar into a super star, imagine what you can do with a webinar which is really good.

Getting Paid

Once you master marketing your webinars, it's time to hire someone to do it for you. You can hire a good Virtual Assistant for about $300/mo to work two hours a day, promoting your webinars.

You teach them what you've learned works. If they're experienced, they may have some helpful ideas to do what you're doing better. But when first getting started, make them do it your way. Your way works.


Because you want to set a standard. If your way works and it is duplicable, then, it will give you a standard of what you can expect from your Virtual Assistant.

Once they have duplicated your results successfully, then you can start listening to their helpful suggestions. You both now know what results can be done, marketing your way, now you have something to compare their ideas against.

Ready to get started?

Then click on the link below, it will take you to a page, which lists our marketing tools, their monthly fees and you can order the ones you feel will help you the most.

We even have a helpful "step by step follow the dots" blueprint you can try, for your first marketing plan. It will help you get your feet wet without overwhelming you.

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