Forget Quirky Webinar Platforms Like Google Hangouts & GotoWebinar - Use What Works!

This is the Same Webinar Platform We Use to Build Our Own Webinars & Our Clients

Save Yourself Weeks & Months of Frustration - Working With Google Hangouts & GotoWeb

Our Webinar Platform is as Failsafe as You're Going to Find - Making You Money, Month After Month...

99.9999% Uptime
Webinar Platforms

If you haven't invested into a webinar platform, yet, count yourself lucky!

You just saved yourself a lot of disappointment and frustration. There's usually a huge learning curve and even if you figure out how to make it work, something always goes wrong. Either you forgot to record, your recording didn't work, the autoresponder didn't work or the quality of the webinar was less than hoped.

We're all investing a lot of time, money, resources and energy, into building our business. There's nothing more disheartening than to invest weeks and sometimes months, to produce your webinar. Only to see it fail, because the webinar platform failed.

Talk Business Network's webinar platform works, as you expect it, 99.999% of the time. Why not 100%? Honestly, no one can guarantee that. At any one time 25% of the Internet is down.

With our system, we not only have failsafes on our platform, we also have redundant systems on the cloud.

Even in the event of a cyber attack by hackers...we keep your website and your database backed up. If our system is seriously compromised, as it recently was (Google Hangout, Yahoo, Hulu and hundreds of other major systems were also) we can usually have you up and running in a few hours. Twenty four hours at the very most.

You see, we understand how important it is to ensure everything goes smoothly. We run our own webinars on the same system.

We're Very Affordable!

Google Hangouts may provide you with unlimited attendees but the quality of their quirky system, leaves much to be desired.

GotoWeb is antiquated, quirky and they want to charge you thousands of dollars and then limit you to having a specific number of attendees.

Talk Business Network's webinar platform, allows you to have as many attendees as you want. Want ten? Want 1000? Want 100,000? It's all included in the flat fee. We can handle as many attendees as you can get.

We will also create your registration and confirmation page for you. Want to send out reminders? No problem!

All we need is some basic information and about a week and we'll have it all set up. Problem free.

Want us to host your webinar website on our secure and super fast servers? No problem. You'll be amazed at how blinding fast our servers are.

What Do You Get?

We are very affordable at $500/mo flat rate. Start small and grow as huge as you want to. We don't penalize you for success. We reward you!

Here's what you get...
    1) Access to our Evergreen Webinar Platform ($500/mo)
    2) Webinar Chat
    3) Webinar Registration Page w/ Countdown & Video
    4) Webinar Confirmation Page w/Confirmation Video
    5) Free Cellphone Reminder System ($199/mo value)
    6) Video Hosting on Super Fast Servers
    7) Protection Against DDOS Attacks
    8) Redundant Cloud System ($50/mo)
    9) Webinar Backup System ($25/mo)
  10) Advance Video Player ($35/mo)
  11) 30 min Consultation ($500/hr)

All of the above is included in the flat rate of $500/mo. You will never have to worry about your webinars, again. You can then focus on what is important to you... producing webinars and promoting them.

When you're ready to take the your business to the Next Level, click on the button below. Schedule your 30min consultation and let's get you to making money!

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