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Ready to Move to the Next Level, But Don't Know How to Get There?


Do you find yourself going around in circles? Becoming more and more frustrated? Find yourself easily distracted because you're not sure what you're doing? Perhaps, feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that you have to do and all you really don't know about creating a webinar?

Let me share a secret with you. Most people who try to incorporate webinars into their business - FAIL MISERABLY!

Not exactly what you wanted to hear, right?

The reason they fail, is because of what they don't know. As good as you may be in your area of expertise, more than likely, you're not as good in video marketing.

I'll be honest with you, there's a lot for you to learn and keep track of. There's more to it, than sitting in front of a webcam and start talking. A lot more.

It's important for you to know what kind of lighting to have, how to position your lightss, type of webcam and mic, how to create a marketing funnel. write email sequences, choose an autoresponder service, how to use push notifications, build a website, create studio sets, edit video and audio and the list goes on and on.

No wonder, you're struggling!

We were, where you are, six years ago. If there was a way to do something wrong, we did it. lol

Recording our first webinar was a nightmare! It took us nearly five months for the first one. Problems with lighting, noise on the mic, internet connection problems, editing.....

We feel your pain and understand your frustration.

We got tired of fighting with Google Hangouts, GotoWebinar and all the other webinar platforms out there.

We're embarassed to tell you how much we lost, the first two years in business. Let's just say it was a bit more than $5000. That's basically what you can save yourself, with your one hour consultation.

We went out and found a platform which was created with the intent of producing webinars which would make money for us, month after month after month.

Let's look at the elephant in the room. We realize, you're afraid that we will be pitching our services, during the consultation. We promise, no pitching, just answers to your questions.

In fact, we will record our video conference for you, and send you a link to download it, so you can refer to it.

We will give you just the facts and nothing but the facts. Facts based upon our own hard earned experience.

Here's what you receive for your investment:

  • One Hour Video Conference Consultation
  • The Answers You Need to Move to the Next Level
  • The Benefit of Are Hard Earned Experience
  • Ability to Ask Question in Regard to How to Promote Your Webinars
  • A Replay of Your Video Consultation
  • Access to a Free Video Conference Software Program


Yes, you can spend months researching everything, wondering if the information is accurate and second guessing yourself. Or, you can schedule a one hour video conference with us and take all the agonizing and frustation out of taking your business to the next level.

It's your choice, which one will you make?

Click on my button, below. Let's get you started!

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