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The first thing, to be decided, is what is your expectation of your video ad? What is it, you expect it to do? What action do you expect someone to take, upon watching your video ad?


Next, you'll have to describe your audience to us. Who are they? What are they expecting? What makes you unique?


What is your offer? How much is it? Why does your market want it? What problem does it solve? What compels your market to buy, immediately?


Once we have your answers, then we go to work, creating a video ad, designed to create the results you expect and deserve.

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Most of our clients, have only used static image, ads. They are often shocked at how effective and profitable a video ad can be.

The reason video ads are expensive is because they must convey your message in a very short period of time. Usually 30 seconds.

They have to capture your audiences attention, qualify your audience, engage your audience and then compel your audience to take action.

Most businesses, believe the purpose of their ad, is to generate leads. This is because their media acccount executives, haven’t explained what advertising is really about.

Advertising, is about finding the most people, who want, what you’re offering, right NOW!

This is the reason so many businesses are disappointed with their ads. They’re expecting thousands of people to respond to their ads. When in reality, the only people you want to respond, are those who are ready, to buy, NOW!

Your secondary goal, is to get people to qualify themselves, as a future client or customer. However, your primary goal, of your ad, is to make money, TODAY!

Video ads, can do both. This is why they’re more effective, that static ads.

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Frequently asked questions

In reality, it’s a lot more difficult to get everyting into a 30sec ad, than a 2min one.

However, clients usually don’t understand this. They believe the shorter, the less expensive the ad should be.

The secret, is to focus on getting your message through and getting them to take action. How long, is irrelevant. The only thing relevant, is the action they take.

We conduct video consultations in order to help ensure, no misunderstandings. 80% of communication, is non-verbal. Which is why email and phone are not ideal for communicating concepts.

With a video consultation, you can see the person, face to face, see if they really understand or not. You “know” when you need to additional information or when you’ve said too much.

Simple revisions are making minor changes to the ad, such as re-wording something, changing the url, changing the sequence, etc… these are relatively easy changes to make.

Hard revisions, would be changing the music bed, videos, graphics and any hard coding. Or, if you changed your mind and decided to go into another direction. In this case, we’d have to charge, the full price, of a new video ad.

How long it takes, really depends upon your expectations and your budget. Once we have all the information we need from you, we can usually complete a project within 10-14 business days.

Video Ad production, is on a limited bases. Availability depends upon time of year, demands by our established clients and scheduling. Inquire before ordering. Contact Us

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