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You tell us, who your market is, what their problems are, what solutions they're seeking. We can then either create a commercial or website video script, to promote your business. Or, we can use your script and create a video.

Place your videos

Each video is produced, with a specific result in mind and with a specific place in mind. We highly recommend, you A/B test all of your videos, improving them, for best results.

Approve Your Script(s)

We will review your scripts, with you, to ensure we understand, exactly what message you want to send and why. Once you approve your script(s) we will then record them and provide you with a finished product.

Rinse & Repeat for Profits

Any video, no matter how good, can be improved upon. Video is never "set and forget," it requires testing, to maximize profit results.

About Your

There are a lot of reasons, for hiring a spokesperson. It may be, you’re still a bit shy in front of a camera, you’re looking for someone who’s energetic and whom people like, or you simply don’t have the time, to do it yourself.

I’d be happy to put my expertise and experience to work for you.

One of the things, I’ve discovered, is that people don’t expect me to be “perfect.” They expect me, to be human. They like me, because, I can connect with them. I seem to know exactly what they’re thinking and feeling.

They tell me, they’d like to get to know me better. They hire me, because, I’m “real.”

Having someone with these qualities can have a dramatic effect upon your sales conversions and profits.

People are tired, of seeing “professional” models, who barely move and are so focus on their breathing, they tend to come across more like an android than a human being.

One of my secrets, is that I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I discovered very early, people don’t like someone who is too, “slick.” They want to know, I make mistakes, just like they do.

Depending upon my topic and audience, I have a wide range. I can be very serious, or playful and fun, or flirteous, humorous and any other emotion, humans naturally have.

Review my videos. When you’re ready to hire someone who connects with audiences, schedule an appointment and let’s see what I can do for you.

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NtelReports, is an advance infomercial, designed to introduce you, to your market. NtelReports, is presented in a “news” type format. However, the discussion will be relaxed and fun, as this is how most people prefer to learn. And, with a format, we’ve discovered, has the most impact.

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Spokesperson services is by appointment only. Please check for availability. Contact Us

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