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Create Your Pitch

Create a pitch, which will attract your target market and compel them to purchase your product or service.

Position Your Spokesperson

Storybook your pitches, where do you want your spokesperson to stand or look or gesture?

Determine Your Persona

How do you want your spokesperson to present your pitch? Fun? Playful? Flirtatious? Serious? Nerdy? Sexy?

Rise & Repeat for Profits

Setting up the site, is the hardest part. Next, on difficulty is creating the content. Then it's just a matter of driving traffic, converting traffic to sales.

Is Your Spokesperson Boring, Your Target Market?

Sadly, most of the sales pitch spokespeople, look more like robots. They fail to understand how important body language and voice inflection is.

They believe, all they have to do, is stand in front of a camera and say the words on the teleprompter.

Yet, 90% of communication, is in your body language and voice inflection. This is how you engage your viewers. This is what professional actors and actresses do. They use their body language to engage their audience. To make their roles believable.

If you don’t engage your audience, you’re leaving 50% of your profits on the table. It doesn’t matter how exciting your product or service is, or how great it is, if the spokesperson sounds like Ferris Buellers teacher, “Bueller, Bueller… Anyone? Anyone?” you’ve lost the attention of your audience.

If you’re spokesperson isn’t excited about your product or service…then it’s doubtful your target market is. They may purchase the FE and maybe the first OTO but then sales quickly fall off, don’t they?

This is why you want a professional spokesperson, rather than one who you found on Fiverr.

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Frequently asked questions

Depending upon what your budget and expectations are…you’re paying only for the reading of your script. There will be a green screen behind the spokesperson. And, lighting and audio adjustments will be completed prior to sending to you for approval.

This will depend upon our agreement. Revisions, due to mispronounced words, issues with the video or audio will be done at no charge.

Usually, no more than 7-10 business days. How long will depend upon how many clients are in the cue ahead of you and other projects we may be working on.

In addition to recording your video, time is factor in for basic post production, such as, colorization, audio, cropping, etc…

We’re testing the market and see what the demand is. I have actresses and models, who I want to start acquiring gigs for. But first, I want to make sure, there’s an actual market. As a marketer, you know the only way to determine the market demand, is to test the market and see if there is one.

To begin with, your only option, will be me. However, if there is enough demand, we can provide other actresses for you. We have blondes, brunettes, raven hair beauties. You tell us your fantasy and I’m sure we can find someone, who will be the perfect spokesperson.

You begin, by scheduling a video conference with myself and my business partner. We will discuss, what your requirements are, your expectations and your budget. We can then place you tentatively on our schedule, as this is our busy season. This way, when you decide to hire us, you’re already in the cue.

I’d be happy to record a one minute “test” video for you, to help you make your  decision. All you have to do, is provide me with the script. I’ll get you the “test” video back within a few days.

We will require only two things from you. The first, acknowledgement, that we own the copyright to the video being produced and will license it to you. Unless, of course, you wish to purchase this.

The second, is we require a video testimonial, in addition to the compensation. We will be happy to write the testimonial for you, or you can produce it. It’s your choice.

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