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You decide what kind of membership site you want. We create it for you, on our enterprise servers. We take care of the details. You take care of the content and promoting it.


Once your content has been added, all you have to do, is drive traffic to your website. Your whole focus can be on driving traffic. A membership site is the ideal business model.

Questions to ask

You can sell anything you own or have a license to sell. This includes software, website templates, AE templates, videos, recipes, apps, etc... Remember, keep things simple


Setting up the site, is the hardest part. Next, on difficulty is creating the content. Then it's just a matter of driving traffic, converting traffic to sales.

About Your

Writing a script for a webinar or course, can be very difficult. There’s more to it, than just providing information.

It’s important to know your audience. What do they expect? How do they learn? How do you move them from where they are to where you want them to be? How do you get them to agree with you?

Do you know the “sweet spot” of a webinar? Do you know the real reason why people will want to register for your webinar? What people are looking for, when they see your promo videos?

What about clothes, jewlery or studio set? What’s really important and what’s not?

These are the kind of answers, you’ll be looking for, when you schedule an appointment with us.

With more than eight years, writing webinar, video newsletter and website promo scripts as well has 20 years as a ghost writer and contributing editor, you can receive insights, you won’t get anywhere else. Insights, which will transform into more profits for you.

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Frequently asked questions

You will be provided with the full alloted time. If you paid for one hour, you receive the full 60 minutes, not 45min, like some do.

You will receive full and complete answers to your questions, only on your scripts. Other questions, in regard to marketing or promoting your service, will not be part of your consultation.

This will be a “face to face” video conference. You’ll be expected to be on time. If you’re late, the time you’re late are counted as part of the time you’ve paid for. Ex: Late 10min, then your consultation will only last 50min, once you arrive.

If you don’t show up at all, then you’ll have to pay for another consultation. You’re paying for time and expertise. However, you can reschedule 24hrs prior to your appointment.

The video conference, is really easy. You will be sent a link, to click on, 15min prior to your appointment. You will then add your mic and webcam, by “oking” their use.

After which, you’ll automatically be logged into the video conference.

Please note: There is often two of us, on the consultation with you. This is to your benefit, one of us may be able to answer your question better than the other.

When you log into the video conference, the conference will automatically start recording. You will be given permission to record, so you have a copy of the consultation. We keep a record of all consultations for future reference.

The follow up, provides you an opportunity to ask five follow up questions, by email, to clarify anything you may have not understood. Or, it can be used to ask questions which occurred to you afterwards. No more than five follow up questions will be answered. Each question asked, is part of the five. In other words, there are no subset questions asked, under the first question.

Actually, at this point in time, for a comprehensive consultation, we charge $5000/hr, plus.

However, to answer your question, as to why the lower fees, for consultation. The answer is simple.

Your success, is literally our success. The more successful you are, the longer you’ll stay with us. And, the greater the possibility you’ll refer others to us.

We can be the “shortcut” to your success. You’ll be able to prosper from our experience without having to waste your time, money and resources, trying to figure everything out.

When you understand, how things work, you’ll be more profitable and will be able to expand your business, into other areas, we offer.

You start from where you want. As the profits start flowing in, we’ll be your “go-to” for other services you’ll want to offer your market.

Lower fees, means an investment not only into your future profitability, but also ours.

Consultation is by appointment only. Please check for availability. Contact Us

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