You decide what kind of membership site you want. We create it for you, on our enterprise servers. We take care of the details. You take care of the content and promoting it.


Once your content has been added, all you have to do, is drive traffic to your website. Your whole focus can be on driving traffic. A membership site is the ideal business model.


You can sell anything you own or have a license to sell. This includes software, website templates, AE templates, videos, recipes, apps, etc... Remember, keep things simple

Rise & Repeat for Profits

Setting up the site, is the hardest part. Next, on difficulty is creating the content. Then it's just a matter of driving traffic, converting traffic to sales.

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Membership Platform

We searched for a long time, to find a secure and super simple, membership platform. We spent thousands of dollars and man-hours, looking for the perfect one. It’s only in the last year, we finally found one, which met our criteria.

It’s still a bit complicated, on the admin side. But for you, it’s super simple. We’ll set up this “bad boy” for you. No more worrying about pirates, stealing your information.

And, if someone cancels their membership, the system automatically cancels their membership. It’s all hands off. So you can focus, on building your business and growing your profits.

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Frequently asked questions

You will receive everything you need; server, setup, cpanel, image optimization, configured plugins, and emails  We take care of the infrastructure, so you won’t have to.

We will provide you with a professional website design. Your website will be created on our server, so we can maintain it and quickly address any problems. This will include licensed royalty-free graphics. You will have up to 10 pages included, including general disclaimers and GDPR. All you have to add, is your content and you’re ready to go.

Honestly, membership platforms, have traditionally been the bane, of many membership owners. We’ve invested a lot of money, in free and paid programs, as well as “commercial” programs. Most of them were too complicated, didn’t do what was needed, left out vital components, or the developer just gave up on it, because of there were too many complaints. This one, is not perfect, but it comes pretty darn close. It’s very complicated on the admin side, but very easy on your side. Once we have it set up, all you have to do, is decide how many levels of membership you want and then start adding content. We highly recommend, you not have more than three membership levels. The more levels you add, the more work and complicated it becomes.

To be honest, when you’re first getting started, you probably won’t need more than 99. That’s an attainable number. Psychologically, it’s realistic. Originally, we only had one plan, the $499/mo plan. Few people, needed all of those features, at the beginning. So, we developed a system, you can grow your business and upgrade as you needed. Depending upon your offer, 99 may be all you need. Let’s say you sell 99 membership, at $199/mo. that’s still a very healthy income, isn’t it? Remember, you can always upgrade as your business becomes more profitable.

Normally, membership site owners, only use one level, your members pay for access to your offer and they receive it. Much easier on you, as far as creating and providing content. Other members, get a bit fancy and offer 2-3 levels. They’ll label their levels, things like; Silver, Gold, & Platinum. Rarely does anyone need more than three levels. However, there are  a few, like TBN who have 10 membership levels, because although we have standalone programs, each program is related to the other and our members can upgrade their memberships accordingly. Basically levels comes down to how much access, to your information, do you want to provide to your members.

This is a very advance system. TBN is an accredited educational system. We create educational programs for ourselves and our clients. If you’ve ever purchased or published material on Udemy, you have a good idea of how an educational platform works. Authors, Coaches & Consultants love the ease and flexibility of our platform. You can add material as you need it and it will automatically update itself. Ex: If you decide to add another class, in lesson 4 of 14 lessons, all you have to do is create the class and place it where you want it. All of your classes, re-organize and re-order themselves to account for the new class.  Our educational platform, is $399/mo elsewhere on this site.

As with all of our platforms, your education platform, will be hosted on our super fast enterprise servers. We can then quickly provide support, updates and fixes as we need to.

Membership Platform is a cross platform app for all devices. Contact Us

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