Ready to...
"Walk the walk?"

WANTED: Joint Venture Partners

You were referred here, either by, one of our clients, sponsors, by us, or someone who thought, you deserved an opportunity.  And, if you have talent or if you have something to offer, our clients, you’re in the right place. This is where, you’ll be given the opportunity and resources, you’ve been searching for, to reach the next level.

About Talk Business Network

For the last 8 years, Talk Business Network, has been seamlessly providing the infrastructure, for best selling authors, consultants, and coaches.

We also work with corporate sponsors, to help ensure the success of our clients. Demonstrating to our sponsors, how by actively engaging their market, they can reduce their advertising budgets.

We have several projects going on at once.

Chances are, if you’re good, talented and want to take advantage of an opportunity, we’ll find some way to work together.

We want you to pitch your ideas.

We have clients on three tiers:

  1. Business to Business
  2. Business to Consumer
  3. Direct to Consumer

1. Business to Business

This is for those businesses, who work directly with other businesses, providing them a product or service. Ex: AT&T providing telecom services to other businesses.

Depending upon their budget, we can set up any of the following:
     A) Seminars / Speaking Event / Speakers
     B) Video Newsletter / Webinar / eLearning
     C) Webcasts / Video / Commercials (Video & Audio)
     D) Mention in an upcoming Film
     E) Sponsorships

2. Business to Consumer

This is for businesses, who want to actively engage their market base, on an ongoing basis. We offer the same, services as the above, but directed at consumers, instead of businesses. Ex: Video newsletter, for attorneys. Or, wecast interview, to explain a product or service, to their customer base. Think, realtors to homebuyers.

3. Direct to Consumer

In addition to providing services, for corporate and business clients. We also produce and promote our own webinars, video newsletters and webcasts. We are currently in production, for the second season, of “Ntel Reports.” A private webcast, for affluent professionals.

We’re actively seeking businesses and professionals who can provide services, to our clients.

The problem is, there are many talented people, such as yourself, who either are still looking for their “Big Break,” want to nurture the success they have, or they’re ready to move to the next level.

On your own, you may not be able to accomplish, what you want. You may not have the audience, resources, money, time or expertise you need. This is where we come in.

We enjoy working, with people, like yourself and we want to help you to keep your dream alive.

Where Do You Come In

Joint Venture Partners

We’re seeking multi-talented people. People who are willing to do what it takes, to make their dreams come true. Whether you’re a best selling author, who doesn’t know, how to cash-in on success and keep it going. Or, you’re an actress, who had a lead role, in a successful tv show but hasn’t worked for a year or two, we can help you. We’re actively seeking the following:

     1. Non union actresses / models
     2. Non union scriptwriters
     3. Non union filmmakers
     4. Authors
     5. Consultants
     6. Coaches
     7. Non union Videographers
     8. Non union Video Editors
     9. Event Planners
    10. Publicist

If you have a talent or skillset, which you believe would be beneficial, we’d like to hear your pitch, too, even if you haven’t established yourself, yet. And, if you’re union, we still have a way to help you, just ask.

There’s also opportunities, for anyone who has offers for corporations, businesses, professionals or any of the talent we work with.

Our talent can always use, attorneys, financial advisors, social media managers, video ad creators, graphic artists, 3d developers, trainers, etc…

Service or Product Provider


We’ve been seamlessly working behind the scenes for the last eight years. with our clients. Our NC/NDA’s prevented us, from maximizing, our profit potential.

However, the NC/NDA’s do not prevent us, from pursuing our independent ventures.

This Fall, we’re going to focusing on working with talent, under the name Ntel Partnerships. However, it will still fall under the umbrella, of the Talk Business Network.

Ntel Partnerships, is strictly, for auditioning talent, to serve our clients. If you’ve been referred to us, by a publicist, filmmaker, or corporate sponsor, we’ve worked with, in the past, please let us know, who referred you. Thank you.

Can You Walk the Walk?

As you can imagine, we have quite a few people, who apply to work with us. And, obviously, we can’t work with everyone.

We’re seeking people, who can and will, work with others. Who are patient and have the ability to delay gratification.

And, of course, we’re not simply going to take your word, that you can do something. We’re going to require proof. You’re going to have to prove, you can “walk the walk.”

We have an interview process, and if you pass, we will provide you with short-assignments. Then evaluate, how well you do. This may be on an individual basis, or paired with others, to evaluate level of cooperation. If this is a problem for you, then please don’t apply.