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Breakdown your plan for your client, into easy steps. Each step has it's own set of goals to meet. Your Client can see at a glance their progress.

implement plan

This platform, makes it easy for you to track where you and your client are, in the process. Ensuring, each step is completed before moving to the next one.

get approval

Once you have your plan, review it with your client. Let them have input on any modifications and to clarify, areas they have questions on. They now have more confidence in you.

ez progress tracking

Each time your client logs into their account, they will have immediate feedback as to how well they are doing. This helps your client to feel they are moving forward.

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Consulting/Coaching Platform

If you’re a consultant or a coach, doesn’t matter what level you’re at, or who your market is, this is the ideal platform for you. It’s very easy, for both you and your client to use. Only takes a few minutes to set up your clients account, input their plan and send them login information.

My business associate, is a respected marketing consultant. He works primarily, with CEO’s of start up companies. Being their “alter ego” and helping them work through problems, they can’t normally share with others. He charges $2500/mo retainer and $5000/hr for a consultation. Considering his fees and his clientele, it was important for him, to set up a system, where his clients could quantitatively measure their progress and success.

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Frequently asked questions

You will receive everything you need; server, setup, cpanel, image optimization, configured plugins, and emails¬† We take care of the infrastructure, so you won’t have to.

We will provide you with a professional website design. Your website will be created on our server, so we can maintain it and quickly address any problems. This will include licensed royalty-free graphics. You will have up to 10 pages included, including general disclaimers and GDPR. All you have to add, is your content and you’re ready to go.

All you have to do, is set up your client’s account. Then set up their plan. Send them, their login information. Explain the plan and how it works and you’re ready to go. Each client has their own account and login information. The data is secure from other clients.

It’s better than most, paid appointment systems. We know, because we’ve used quite a few of them and didn’t like them. Your system, will allow you to post, times you have available, let your client book their appointment with you and allow your client pay you, prior to meeting. In addition, you will be able to send reminders to them.

Very easy to use. Like our webinar system, it uses bitchain technology to ensure privacy. You can even record your video conferences. Very simple system, designed for a newbie to use, with all the power an experienced user, will appreciate. You can use your video conference system as often as you want, for one on one coaching and consulting. We normally charge $199/mo just for the video conference system. If you’re a small corporation, you’ll find this is ideal for your weekly meetings.

It is “brain dead” simple. Nothing complicated about it. It was designed to be easy for you and your clients to use.

You create a plan for your clients, enter the details, and as your client finishes one section, they automatically move to the next.

You, will always know where you are, with your client. And your client will have measurable proof, they’re progressing.

As with all of our platforms, your education platform, will be hosted on our super fast enterprise servers. We can then quickly provide support, updates and fixes as we need to.

Coaching/Consulting Platform is a cross platform app for all devices. Contact Us

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