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Talk Business Network, was established in 2012, to provide affordable professional webinar services to authors, consultants and coaches. We have since expanded out to corporations.

We take our clients by the hand, answer their questions, and provide them the infrastructure for their webinars, to ensure their success and profitability.

Originally, we assembled our agency for our own use. However, as other corporations and professionals started working with us, they wanted what we had and we started providing services to them.

Unlike other agencies, we work seamlessly in the background, with a focus on making our clients look brilliant and without their clients, ever knowing we exist.

Our easy to use webinar platform, is based upon bitcoin technology, ensuring it’s reliability, stability and security. Our platform is so secure it’s HIPAA qualified, for hospitals. Webinars can’t be pirated.

We also offer a variety of other services to our clients and corporations, such as scriptwriting, consultations, secure websites, educational platforms, consultation/coaching platforms.

In addition, to providing our services, to our clients and corporations, we also produce our own webinars and business courses. At the moment, we’re seeking accreditation for our courses and hope to be full accredited by the Winter of 2020.


Lauren Remington

Lauren, is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Talk Business Network. She comes from corporate America, where she’s worked for Fortune 100 corporations. She has a MBA in Digital Marketing. She was OEM Global Procurement, working with vendors from all over the world.

In addition, to being CEO and looking after the day to day operations of Talk Business Network, she’s also actively involved in working with clients and producing her own webinars.

Lauren, is certified as a:
   * NLP Practitioner
   * Life Story Coach
   * PTSD Coach
   * Life Coach
   * Relationship Coach
   * Internationally Accredited Diploma Keto Dietary

In addition, she’s produced webinars and courses on:
   * Anger Management
   * Conflict Management
   * Negotiation
   * High Ticket Sales
   * Overcoming Depression
   * Building Confidence in Business
   * Conflict Resolution
   * Conflict Resolution in the Work Place
   * Winning an Argument
   * Effective Advertising
   * Business Networking
   * Creating Marketing Partnerships
   * Hiring GREAT Employees
   * Defining & Achieving Success
   * How to Compete & Destroy Big Box Retailers
   * Stress Management

" The Only Thing Which Counts - Is The Results. Everything Else - Is Just Noise. " ©
Leonard Manion
CFO, Talk Business Network

Leonard Manion

Leonard, has a double Masters Degrees in Counseling & Human Communication. He is a certified NLP Trainer, and Certified Life Coach.

Over the last 40 years, Leonard has been a:
   * Corporate Speaker
   * Marketing Consultant
   * High Ticket Sales Trainer
   * Pre-Residential Development Trainer
   * Master Communication Trainer
   * Ghost Writer
   * Contributing Editor to business publications
   * Scriptwriter
   * Producer
   * Copywriter
   * Newsletter Publisher
   * Video Newsletter Publisher
   * Angel Investor
   * Master Mind Mentor
   * Master Mind Group Facilitator
   * Startup CEO Mentor

He is currently semi-retired, oversees production of webinars, provides some consultations and occasionally accepts speaking engagements.

Also certified:
   * NLP Trainer
   * Group Life Coach
   * CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) Coach
   * REBT Practioner
   * SMstudy® Certified Marketing Strategy Associate
   * SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Associate
   * SMstudy® Certified Corporate Sales Associate
   * Relationship Workshop Facilitator
   * Life Story Coach
   * PTSD Coach
   * Life Coach
   * Relationship Coach
   * Internationally Accredited Diploma Keto Dietary

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