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Five Steps to Profits

1st Step

Consultation: The first step, is consulting with you, on what your needs are. This involves and in-depth discussion on the results you expect and the budget you have, to invest.

3rd Step

Implementation: Creating the infrastructure for your goals. Testing it, to ensure everything works as expected. Fine tuning, for maximum profitability.

5th Step

Rinse & Repeat:  From this point on, it’s all about fine-tuning and, testing and beating your best. This part of the business, never ends.

2nd Step

Planning: Choosing which of our services, you want to avail yourself to, in order to implement your plan. Keeping long term expectations and profitability, in mind.

4th Step

Analytics: Reviewing the results, of your marketing campaign. Discovering what is working and what isn’t. Eliminating what’s not. Tweaking what is.

Our Services

“Services We Use to Build Our Business & Grow Our Profits”

We offer a blockchain secure webinar platform. So secure, it passes HEPA guidelines, for hospitals and doctors conferences. At the same time, it is super easy to use. Login, start your webinar and no worries.

Webinar Platform

Your clients want to see measurable results. Our coaching platform, helps them to see and verify the results they are receiving from your coaching. Ensuring happy clients and profits for you.

Coaching Platform

No matter what type of consulting you engage in, our consulting platform, will help you to stay on track. Create your guidelines, then both you and your clients, will easily see progress, being made.

consulting platform

Membership has it’s privileges. Creating a continuity program, for your clients, is highly profitable. At the low end, we charge $500/mo for our courses. Imagine our profit margin, with only 100 members.

membership Platform

Want to offer courses, like you see on Udemy? We have a complete educational platform, you can use, and offer unlimited courses. Create your course, market it and all the profits are yours!

education Platform

Having a professional write your scripts can be very expensive. Learn how to write your own, by first writing your script and then having us, review, edit and go over them, with you. Best investment for your business.

script consulting

One of the best ways, to generate leads, is with a video newsletter. People rarely read articles any more. They will watch a 2-5min video. We’ll help you get started, with this powerful lead generator.

Video newsletters

If you’re new to webinars, video newsletters or website ads, you’re probably struggling with writing scripts. I’d like to introduce you to my script writer. He writes all of my material.

script writing

Creating a Sales Funnel, is one of the easiest things to screw up. There is a tendency to over complicate them. Quick and dirty funnels are more profitable and can be chained.

funnel creation

If you’re new to video, it’s difficult making decisions on equipment. Especially when you’re on a budget.We’ll eliminate the mystery, and get you on the right track.

equipment consulting

We love creating VideoAdmercials for our clients and for ourselves. We create 20sec-2min commercials. You’re probably here because you saw one of our VideoAds.

video ads

Need a high energy, affable spokesperson, your market will love? You’ve come to the right place. Besides our CEO, we have professional actresses, who are available.


“Focus on the Solution, not the Problem. When you do, life becomes so much easier.”

-Leonard Manion

About us

We’ve made the mistakes, so you won’t have to. Since 2011, we’ve been crafting and producing webinars and video newsletters, for both ourselves and our clients.

Our mission

Talk Business Network’s mission, is to simply the complex, build your business and grow your profits.

Our offer